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PSG1 Scratch Build Services

MSG90 Build Services

PSG1 MSG90 Clone Conversions

HK 91 Accurizing Services

  • PSG1 and MSG90 complete build and gunsmithing services
  • Exclusive hard to find PSG1 parts not found anywhere else
  • HK91 / clone accurizing and customizing
  • HK91 / 91 clone PSG1 and MSG90 conversions
  • 91 / PSG1 / MSG90 trigger work, lightning, polishing, travel reduction
  • Welding, barrel swaps, refinishing and other basic 91/PSG1 services



No PSG1 clones in stock currently. Check with us for pricing on complete builds including parts sourcing and receiver options. We will help you piece a gun together that suits your needs and budget! Some parts are very hard to come by and or unavailable all together. Most of our clones are built as accurized HK91s with as many PSG1 upgrades as possible/desired.

Price comes down to how much you want to spend verses how close to the original you want the gun to be. Give us a call to discuss your project and we will do our best to point you in the right direction. We can usually give you a good idea of what to expect price wise.

Contact us for more info

Black Ops Defense Interview: HK MP5, MP5SD, SP5 Conversions, HK91, PSG1, G3, MSG28 and More

Check out this interview / before and after video with YouTuber “SteveMP5”! In this video we discuss with Steve our various 90 series/roller lock, HK builds and services.

Steve has some great info here for everyone and amazing shots of our finished work. We discuss with him the build process, finishing, welding, markings, various build options and more.

Steve even places an order with us for an MP5! Be sure to check out his follow up video to see the finished product.

HK PSG-1 Build Services

PSG1 build services. We can build your PSG1 using your provided parts and receiver/rifle or piece it together for you.

308/7.62×51 or 223/5.56 Available

PSG1 parts and PSG-1 ( MSG90 ) parts kit sources, contact us to see what we have in stock:

HK MSG90 Build Services

MSG90 build services. We can build your MSG90 using your provided parts and receiver/rifle or piece it together for you.

308/7.62×51 or 223/5.56 Available

Contact Us for a custom quote on your perfect, affordable, PSG1 clone build:

Additional PSG1/HK91 Services

HK PSG1/MSG90/HK91 clones and variants gun smithing and customizing:

What to Expect

  • Professional hand tig welds
  • Magwell and mag release fitted with various HK factory mags
  • Bolt gapped/headspaced, test fired and working, before shipping/delivery
  • Metal work and cleanup on all metal parts/sheet metal
  • No marks, gouges, scratches or other blemishes, from the fabrication process
  • No rough, pitted, pin-holed or overly shinny finish
  • Smoothed out/removed, scope mount bulges, exactly like factory PSG1/MSG90 rifles
  • Plug welds exactly like factory HK builds, in the same locations
  • Tight fitting upper to lower, with no play
  • No rushed work/assembly line procedures or “unskilled help”
  • Hours of special attention to detail will be spent on YOUR project…



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