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Black Ops WANTED items section added

Project section update: FNH PS90 to P90 SBR

Project section update: HK SL8 to G36C Converson

Project section update: M60E4 SLR Semi Auto Build

Project section update: MP5K PDW SBR build

HK USC to UMP Conversion Services and Parts / Fuse-on and Stock Block Style Conversions
USC to UMP Conversion Services / Weld-on & Stock Block Style
HK MP-5 Build Services and Parts Kit Builds
HK MP5 Build Services and Parts
HK SL-8 to G36C Fuse-on Conversion Services / G36C Barrel Work
SL8 to G36 Weld-on Conversion Services / G36C Barrel Converisons
HK MP-5 SD Build Services and Standard MP-5 to SD Conversions
MP5 SD Build Services and Standard MP5 to SD Conversions

scar-sbr-eglmSCAR Short Barrel & 37mm EGLM

  • SCAR barrel cutting, SBR work
  • Custom made EGLM, civilian legal
    flair launcher
psg1PSG1 Conversion Work
Scratch Builds

  • 91 series HK rifle to PSG1 SG1
  • Scratch built 91 series HK rifles with all PSG-1 SG-1 trimmings
wa2000WA 2000 Clone .308 Conversion

  • HK SL8 “action”
  • 5.56mm semi auto
  • WA2000 bull pup stock and custom fitting
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  • HK USC to UMP conversion and build services from Black Ops Defense
  • HK MP-5 kit build info section: MP5 .40 MP5K 9mm MP5 SD 9mm
  • M60 SLR Semi Auto build info section
  • HK PSG-1 Clone build info section
  • FN M249 SAW Semi Auto build info section
  • HK UMP build info section
  • HK G36-C build info section
  • Knight Armament SR15 M4 review
  • PS90 – P90 project / review
  • FN SCAR 16s SBR project / review Grenade launcher build
  • HK MP7 semi auto custom project
  • General HK Gunsmithing
  • Walther WA2000 custom project And more…