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HK MP5 Build Services and Customizing, MP-5s for sale, guns for sale
HK MP5 Build Services and Customizing

HK MP5 Build Services and Customizing, MP-5s for sale, guns for sale

We can build your MP5 using your parts kit and receiver, any caliber:

  • MP5 parts kit build service including K, SD and all variations. Welding, fitting, semi-auto conversion and final finishing. ( Includes no parts ): $695
  • SW MP5 9mm receiver ( With build purchase above, just send us your parts kit. These have been discontinued. Only a few left! ): $195
  • MP5 receiver build service. Bending and welding the receiver only including weldments.
    ( not including flat and parts ): $295 + flat
  • MP5 complete build package, including the parts kit build service and the receiver build service above: $895

MP5 parts and MP5 parts kit sources:

The ATF requires all NFA and rifle MP5 builds to include no more than 10 “qualifying” foreign parts. Qualifying US made “compliance parts” can be used to keep the parts count under 10.

HK Original German MP5 Complete Guns for sale
HK Original German MP5 Complete Guns

HK original German MP5 parts kit builds on SW receivers or built from LSC flats. Complete guns in 9mm ( general pricing, email us for availability and options )

– MP5 base rifle or pistol
( Pistol includes but cap and no stock, rifle includes solid stock and pinned barrel extension ): $2395

  • Add MP5 ambidextrous grip frame/lower: $175
  • Add Surefire tactical light for grip: $75
  • Add collapsible stock ( US ): $175
  • Add standard to SD conversion: $495 ( Fake silencer using factory lugged barrel and aftermarket SD for end parts )

– MP5-K base pistol ( All US parts EXCEPT the major “working” parts. German HK parts include: trigger pack and complete bolt group ): $2495

  • Add MP5K ambidextrous grip frame/lower: $100
  • Add MP5K rifle package, folding stock, barrel extension and vertical for grip: $295


Additional MP5 Customizing Services
Additional MP5 Customizing Services

HK MP5, SP89, SW5, BW5, Vector clones and variants gun smithing and customizing:

  • MP5 standard to SD conversion ( Using your existing MP5 clone or SP89 variant, fake silencer and aftermarket SD for end parts. includes welding and refinishing ): $695
  • Refinishing, factory HK black: $195
  • Refinishing, custom color or camo paint job: $195-$395
  • NFA/SBR engraving: $35
  • Remarking the MP5 bullet markings on MP5 lower ( any configuration ): $75

Ask about other customizing services and parts