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Weapon Projects Build Dieries and Gun Reviews
Weapon Projects Build Diaries and Gun Reviews

To the left you will find each gun project, build or review we have to offer. All of these guns are 100% civilian legal, semi auto and are or will be when complete, compliant with all current BATF laws and regulations.

Hopefully our projects and gun builds will help or inspire you with your own. Each section will explain the individual project or off the shelf weapon in detail. We will review accessories, parts and general operation of the weapons themselves. We will explain the current state and future “goal” for each weapon. Some of these builds are 100% custom designs and some are as is from the manufacturer depending on the goal for that project.

We may offer some of these projects in the form of services or finished guns, now or in the future! Feel free to ask any questions you like.

Some images and information displayed in this section may be courtesy of other builders or owners.

What’s New

Click the info below to find out more:

  • MP5 .40 cal Special Weapons kits
  • MP5 9mm SW receiver ( for SD build )
  • MP5K 9mm SW receiver
  • PTR 91 dressed up with the PSG1 grip, stock and forgrip
  • M60 trunnion 80% complete / sheet metal channel
  • M249 SAW complete barrel, stock and buffer
  • PSG1 parts drawings added
  • PSG1 barrel
  • USC to UMP build complete
  • USC to UMP stock block mod
  • G36C barrel drawing and measurements
  • G36C parts kit, complete
  • Sig 551 lower