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AR15 M16 416 M4 Sr15 SR16 Customizing and Services

AR15 services Custom AR15 Builder

Custom AR15 Builder info:

We build and sell our own line of AR15s as well as offer our build and customization services as a Custom AR15 Builder. Typically our kits come with upgraded parts, accessories, custom coatings / paint colors, hard case and more. See below for more details on available AR15 tactical packages.

If you need your gun assembled we would be glad to help. With the right tools putting an AR15 together is not an extremely difficult job but if you want it done right, by a professional, we are here to help. Even if you just need some of your parts installed or double checked, we can get you set up.

We recommend the fallowing for basic AR15 builds and include them as standard on most of our guns:

  • Anti Roll Pin Set: Installed to keep the pins from moving, warring the pin holes or coming out of the receiver under heavy firing.
  • Accu-Wedge: Small rubber insert installed to keep tension on the upper and lower receivers when the gun is assembled. This helps reduce movement in the 2 halves and reduce ware on internal parts.
  • Magpull Trigger Guard: light polymer trigger guard contoured for better comfort and slightly enlarged for shooting with gloves.
  • Extended Cocking Handle Latch: Great mod for better cocking handle release ergonomics. Slightly extended for better grip and a better grab on the handle.
  • Ambidextrous Safety Leavers: Not 100% necessary if you are a right handed shooter but it’s an inexpensive addition to the AR15 platform and something it should have had from the beginning. Adds value and additional shootability for other uses.
  • Extended Bolt Release: The extended release makes for faster closing of the bolt after reloads or jam clearing. The bolt can be returned to battery, with your trigger finger, while your opposite hand loads the new mag and returns to the for grip.
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release: Not 100% necessary if you are a right handed shooter but it’s an inexpensive addition to the AR15 platform and something it should have had from the beginning. The added release capability is nice in demanding situations.


AR15 basic upgrades and prts
Custom AR15 Builder Advanced Upgrades and Customizing

For the best of the best in performance and reliability we recommend the fallowing AR15 upgrades.

  • Gas Piston Operating System: This upgrade replaces the gas block, gas tube and bolt carrier. The gas piston works more like an AK47, FN SCAR, HK 416 and many other modern firearms. Rather than blowing hot gas and dirt back into the chamber to operate the bolt, the piston is driven backwards by the pressure in the gas block. The rod operates the bolt and leaves the chamber cooler and cleaner than the traditional gas blow back system. This allows for longer lasting parts, longer running times between cleanings and more reliability.
  • Upgraded Trigger: Upgrading the trigger to an adjustable target trigger will help to improve trigger pull and allow you to set the trigger pull to the desired poundage. This will help increase shootability, accuracy, fallow up shot accuracy and improve rapid fire speed in semi automatics.


AR15 barrel work threading services barrel fluting
AR15 Custom Barrel Work

We offer barrel threading, fluting, SBR cut down, re-crowning and more for the AR15 platform.

  • Barrel threading service: $60
  • Barrel cut and thread service: $75
  • Short/partial barrel fluting service ( Ball mill lengthwise, dimpled or radial ): $95
  • Full barrel fluting, full length or 2 section ( Ball mill lengthwise, dimpled or radial ): $145
  • Re-crown: $30

We cannot flute a contoured or tapered barrel. Service does not include disassembly and reassembly. Contact us for details on sizing, thread pitch, flute sizing and specifics.


AR15 Duracoat Cerakote refinishing services
AR15 M16 416 M4 Sr15 SR16 Custom Coatings and Paint Work

We can do full coating and repainting for all AR15 and M16 variants. We have 15+ years of paint, design and graphics background! Whether you want 1 color, all over repaint or a complex camouflage pattern, we are the guys for the job. See sample and general pricing below.

  • AR15 Duracoat 1 color refinishing, full gun: $275
  • AR15 Cerakote 1 color refinishing, full gun: $345
  • AR15 Duracoat Upper/lower only: $59
  • AR15 Cerakote Upper/lower only: $79
  • Stock sets: $95
  • Other accessories/suppressors, barrel, bolt, bi-pod: $59
  • Malty color patterns and airbrushing: ranging from $300-$500 CLICK HERE For Custom Finishes Page

Includes disassembly, reassembly, all prep cleaning and baking 


AR15 services
AR15 M16 416 M4 Sr15 SR16 Customizing and Services

Additional options include:

  • great source for ar15 parts and accessories: Brownells 
  • Ask about other custom ar15 builder services and parts CLICK HERE