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HK PSG1 Build Services and Customizing

HK PSG-1 build services and PSG1 clones for sale

PSG1 build services. We can build your PSG1 using your provided parts and receiver or piece it together for you:

  • PSG1 “parts kit” build service: Welding, fitting, all major 91 components and PSG1 specific parts, final finishing. ( Includes no parts. ): $799
  • HK 91/PSG1 receiver build service: Bending and welding the receiver only including weldments. ( not including flat and parts ): $399 + flat
  • PSG1 complete build package: including the parts kit build service and the receiver build service above: $999
  • HK 91 to PSG1 conversion service: We can convert your standard 91, PTR 91, CETME, or other 308 HK style rifle to a PSG1 or MSG90 lookalike. ( PSG1 weldments, remove standard 91 weldments, press heavy barrel, cocking tube extension, refinish ): $699

PSG1 parts and PSG-1 ( MSG90 ) parts kit sources:

The ATF requires all PSG1/MSG90 builds to include no more than 10 “qualifying” foreign parts. Qualifying US made “compliance parts” can be used to keep the parts count under 10.

HK PSG1 Complete Guns for sale clones and builds
HK PSG1 Clone Complete Guns

No PSG1 clones in stock currently. Check with us for pricing on complete builds including parts sourcing and receiver options. We will help you piece the gun together that suits your needs and budget! You can go all out with the best of the best or cut a few corners here and there to get the cost down. Either way we can help. Email or call for a custom quote on your perfect, affordable, PSG1 clone build.


Additional PSG1 Customizing Services
Additional PSG1 Customizing Services

HK PSG1/MSG90/HK91 clones and variants gun smithing and customizing:

  • Refinishing, factory HK black: $299
  • Refinishing, custom color or camo paint job/pattern: $299-$499 CLICK HERE For Custom Finishes Page
  • Press and bolt gap barrel: $99
  • Weld forward assist: $99
  • Weld side stiffening rails: $99
  • Weld scope mounts: $99
  • Allen bolt, cocking tube modification: $99
  • trunnion extension: $99
  • Remove and re-weld PSG1 extended, full trunnion: $149
  • Machine forward assist notches in bolt carrier: $199

Ask about other customizing services and parts