Uncompromising Quality & Craftsmanship
Custom Gun Build Services: MP-5 - UMP/USC - G36/SL8 - AR-15 - SCAR 16s 17s - RPD
Gun Smithing and Build Services
Custom Gun Build Services: MP5 - UMP - G36 - AR15 - SCAR - CETME L - and More
Custom Finishing/Coating
Custom firearms finishing, Duracoat/Cerakoate, patters, camo and more
Receiver Builds and Manufacturing From Parts. Flat Bending and Welding - Receiver Re-Welds
Receiver Build Services
Receiver Builds and Manufacturing From Parts, Flats or From Scratch
Barrel Threading - Cut Down Short Barrels for SCAR, AR15, G36C, USC and more
Barrel and General Gun Machining Services
Barrel Threading - Cut Down Short Barrels - SBR Barrel Modifications
Services and Gun Smithing

To the left you will find each service type or project we offer. Click the icon to go to the page that interests you. You will find pricing and detailed descriptions of services provided by Black Ops Defense.

Turnaround times will always be based on project details, parts availability and current project work load.

We do our best to describe the details of each service but if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! Not every possible service or scenario is listed.