Uncompromising Quality & Craftsmanship
Custom Firearms Finishing Duracoat/Cerakote
High quality bake on finishes for metal, plastic, polymer and more.
Custom Cut Vinyl Patterns
Highly detailed custom cut vector art patterns, specifically designed to our spec.
Meticulously Placed & Layered
Many hours go into these patters, overlaying and wrapping carefully arround the 3 dimensional shape.
The More Colors, The More Awesome...
The more colors added to the pattern, the more time the job takes. It's this painstaking time and detail that makes our custom finishes come out so great.
Multi Color Camo Paters
Pick the design and let us handle the rest! You will not be disappointed.
Custom Firearms Finishing/Patters/Duracoat/Cerakote
Custom Firearms Finishing/Patters/Duracoat/Cerakote

Here you will find just a few samples of various custom finished firearms. ( rifles, pistols, SBRs, camo patterns and camouflage textures ) We do most of this “paint work” using Duracoat or Cerakote, spray on finishes. Finishes are baked on for long lasting durability.